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Tequila Tasting

The Ultimate Tequila Tasting 60 min Class. A definite must!
Prepare to hold your glass up high and light up your day with the guidance of ourcertified Black Belt Tequila Master (title may not actually exist, but he’s definitely a certified barista though)
Leave the salt, the lemon and the margaritas behind for a minute.
This is serious business, just like we said, we will teach you:

The Art of Tequila Tasting so afterwards your family and friends must acknowledge you as a The Tequila Artist…. or at the very least; The Tequila Aficionado from the neighborhood.
Just like wine, we will guide you through the technique ….
Black Belt Tequila Master (This title may not actually exist)
Tequila tasting process
Tequila categories
Glasses light, color, consistency, medley scents.  Sipping

Tequila tasting at your villa Includes:
- History of the process of Tequila and Mezcal
- 4 different types of tequila (blanco, reposado, añejo and extra añejo)
- 3 different expressions of Mezcal
- 3 different flavors of tequila
- Marinade like sour chocolate, shrimp, chesse, ate, fruit and
grasshoppers (tiny ones)

$65 USD Per person

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